Patrick Vitale

Associate Professor

Office: BAC 303
Phone: (902) 585-1479

Student Drop-in Hours (Fall 2022)
Wednesdays and Thursdays 1:00-2:00 or by appointment


BA (Pittsburgh), MA (Syracuse), PhD (Toronto)

Research/Teaching Interests

- Urban sociology
- Class, race, and gender
- Science and technology
- Suburbanization
- Deindustrialization
- War and militarization
- Social science research methods

Teaching (2022-23)

Fall 2022
SOCI-2003-FA02, Intro to Social Research
SOCI-3163-FA01, Research Design & Analysis

Winter 2023
SOCI-2223-WI01, Sociology of Work
SOCI-2263-WI01, City, Space, Society
SOCI-4123-WI01, Political Economy & Development

Selected Publications


2021    Vitale, P. Nuclear Suburbs: Cold War Technoscience and the Pittsburgh Renaissance (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press).

Winner of the Philip S. Klein Book Prize from the Pennsylvania Historical Association for the best book on Pennsylvania history in 2020-21

Journal Articles

2017    Vitale, P. “Making science suburban: the suburbanization of industrial research and the invention of ‘research man’,” Environment and Planning A 49: 2813-34.

Winner of Ashby Prize for most innovative paper published in Environment and Planning A in 2017

2016    Vitale, P. “Cradle of the Creative Class: Reinventing the figure of the scientist in Cold-War Pittsburgh,” Annals of the American Association of Geographers 106: 1378-96.

2015    Vitale, P. “Decline is renewal,” Journal of Urban History 41: 34-9.

2015    Vitale, P. “Anti-communism, the growth machine, and the remaking of Cold-War-era Pittsburgh,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 39: 772-87.

2011    Vitale, P. “A Model Suburb for Model Suburbanites: Order, control, and expertise in Thorncrest Village,” Urban History Review/Revue d’histoire urbaine 40: 41-55.

2011    Vitale, P. “Wages of War: Manufacturing nationalism during World War II,” Antipode 43: 783-819.

2011    Farish. M., and P. Vitale “Locating the American Military-Industrial Complex: An Introduction,” Antipode 43: 777-82.

2009    Vitale P. “Learning to be Suburban: The production of community in Westwood Hills, Pennsylvania, 1952-1958,” Journal of Historical Geography 35: 743-68.

Book Chapter

2021   Vitale, P. “Properties of science: How industrial research and suburban property relations reshaped each other in Cold-War-era Pittsburgh.” Cold War Cities: Politics, Culture, and Atomic urbanism, 1945-1965, edited by Richard Brook, Martin Dodge, and Jonathan Hogg, 37-54. London: Routledge.

Encyclopedia Entry

2018    Vitale, P., “Service economies and the American postindustrial city, 1950-present.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History. Oxford University Press.

Other publications

2017    Vitale, P. “The Pittsburgh fairy tale,” Jacobin (June 20).

2015    Vitale, P. “The Westinghouse ‘Atom Smasher’ was more about Pittsburgh’s atomic PR,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (February 1).

2013    Vitale, P. “Poverty by Design: Pittsburgh suburbs have long been home to the poor,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (December 8).

2010    Mazer, K., and P. Vitale “City Under Siege: The University of Toronto Joins the G20 Security Ring,” The Bullet, Socialist Project E-Bulletin (May 28).

2010    Vitale, P. “Why U of T’s decision to close during the G20 is a mistake,” BlogTO (May 26).