Saara Liinamaa

As a graduate of Social and Political Thought, York University, Toronto, my background bridges expertise in social theory with qualitative social research. Generally, I am interested in critical and interpretative traditions that illuminate the work of social action, regulation and change. My substantive areas of research include: urban studies; work and migration; cultural sociology; visual methodologies. Recent publications address topics such as contemporary urbanization and spatial justice, the unrecognized contributions of Annie Marion MacLean to Canadian sociology, and the  ‘social quarantining’ of seasonal agricultural workers in Nova Scotia. A book based on my SSHRC postdoctoral research, The New Spirit of Creativity, is currently under contract with a university press. I am a longstanding member of the editorial collective Public Access that produces the Canadian art and culture journal Public, and I regularly contribute to a variety of community-led organizations. I am cross-appointed to Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, and I welcome the opportunity to supervise Honours and MA students with research interests that fall within my key areas in either discipline.

Select Publications

Refereed Journals

Liinamaa, S. and M. Horgan. 2017. The Social Quarantining of Migrant Labour:  Everyday effects of temporary foreign worker regulation in Canada. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 43.5: 713-730.  doi:10.1080/1369183X.2016.1202752

Liinamaa, S. 2017. Negotiating a ‘Radically Ambiguous World’:  Planning for the future of research at the art and design university.’ International Journal of Art and Design Education. 10.1111/jade.12143 (online first)

Liinamaa, S. 2015. The House of the Unknown Artist and the Cosmopolitan Imagination of Urban Memory. European Journal of Cultural Studies. 19.6: 654-671. doi:10.1177/1367549415597921

Liinamaa, S. 2014. Contemporary Art’s Urban Question and Practices of Experimentation. Third Text 131: 527-542. doi: 10.1080/09528822.2014.970771

Book Chapters

Liinamaa, S. (forthcoming). Spatial Justice and Migration Under Planetary Urbanization.  The Routledge Handbook of Henri Lefebvre. Eds. Leary-Owhin and McCarthy. London: Routledge.

Liinamaa, S. and M. Horgan (2017). First But Not a Founder: Gender, identity and the exclusion of Annie Marion MacLean from the history of Canadian sociology. in Tepperman, L. and P. Albanese. Reading Sociology. Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp. 121 – 126.

Liinamaa, S. (2017).  The Creative City, Cultural Policy and the Fun and Games of Creative Citizenship. In Interrogating the Social: A Critical Sociology for the 21st century, ed. F. Kurasawa. New York: Palgrave, pp. 219-246.