to the Department of Sociology

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We offer courses for credit not only in the field of Sociology, but also in Anthropology and Women's Studies. Our courses focus on the ways that individuals relate to the larger society around them and how their position in that society (their race, class, gender, area of residence) can affect how they see the world and how they act.

There are certain areas in which we offer a series of related courses for interested students. These include family studies, deviance and criminology, gender and women's studies, ethnic and cultural studies, and research methodology. There are also several courses which introduce students to some of the major theories that help sociologists make sense of the social world.

The Department prides itself on having good student-teacher contact. With smaller classes, particularly at the senior levels, students are able to develop and express their own ideas. Students participate actively in the Department - are able to attend Departmental meetings and serve on key Departmental committees.

We have a strong honours programme, and a small but solid graduate programme. Graduate and honours students often act as assistants in lower level courses and act, less formally, as mentors to undergraduates who are adjusting to university life.

A degree in Sociology helps prepare students for a range of possible careers - including government work, teaching, research, social services and social work, criminology and various types of community work.

If you have any questions about our programme or about sociology more generally we invite you to contact either the Head of the Department Dr. Zelda Abramson or any of the other faculty.