Our Faculty

James J. Brittain
Associate Professor and Acting Head (Jan 1 - Jun 30, 2017)

Areas of specialization:  Class Consciousness, Disposable Populations, Ideology, Political Economy, Social Theory, Sociology of Escape

Zelda Abramson
Associate Professor and Head (sabbatical Jan 1 - Jun 30, 2017)

Areas of specialization: Health and Health Care, Families, Research Methods, Women’s Studies, Migration and Diaspora Studies

Claudine Bonner
Assistant Professor

Areas of specialization: African Diaspora Studies, Community History, Critical Race Theory, Education, Equity and Social Justice

Heather A. Dahringer

Areas of specialization:  Addiction Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Rape and Sexual Assault in Canada, Qualitative Methodologies, Research Ethics and the Internet

Lesley Frank
Associate Professor

Areas of specialization:  Sociology of Food, Family Poverty, Sociology of Health, Research Methods,Public Policy


Anthony Gracey
Assistant Professor

Areas of specialization: Social Theory, Critical Race Theory, Settler Colonial Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology of Inequality, Narrative Inquiry, Historical Sociology, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Social Movements and Collective Action

Saara Liinamaa
Assistant Professor

Areas of specialization: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory, Visual Culture, Urban Studies, Gender and Identity, Higher Education, Cultural Policy

Barbara Moore
Assistant Professor

Areas of specialization:  Social Problems, Canadian Society, Gender, Sociology of the Family, Ethnic and Race Relations

Sarah Rudrum
Assistant professor

Areas of Specialization: Sociology of Health and Illness, Gender and Health, Sociology of Family, Gender and Sexuality, Global Issues, and Qualitative Research Methodology


Part-time faculty 2017-18



Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Jeanette Auger
Dr. Ann Marie Powers
Dr. Tony Thomson