1st Year Students

This page is designed to help first-year Acadia students majoring in Sociology choose their courses. We recommend that students in their first year complete what is known as the Arts CORE, which is a requirement for all Bachelor of Arts students. 

As a Sociology major, you will need to take:

6 HRS   Sociology. You should take any 2 of the following 3-hour (half-year) courses: 1013, 1033, 1113 or WGST 1413.*

6 HRS   English (ENGL 1406, 1413/1423, 1213/1223) **

6 HRS   Language other than English (FRAN, SPAN, GERM, LATI, GREE). NOTE: you must take 6 hours of the same language.

6 HRS   Humanities [ART (NOT ART 2013,2023,2113,2123,3013, 3023), CLAS, CREL, HIST, PHIL OR WGST]

6 HRS   Pure & Applied Science (BIOL, CHEM, COMP, APSC, ENVS, MATH, NUTR, PHYS, or PSYC)

NOTE: You need to complete 6 hours of sociology intro courses in order to register for sociology electives during your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years.

*  Currently, we only have 3 options available - SOCI 1013, 1113, and WGST 1413.  Register for 2 of the 3 for now.  You can always make changes if we add more options.

** If there is any chance that you will want to take upper-level  ENGL courses, you should register for either ENGL 1406 or ENGL 1413 & ENGL 1423 as this is the prerequisite for further study in ENGL at Acadia University.

We are available to help with registration. Please contact Sociology Advising