Our Faculty

Zelda Abramson
Associate Professor and Head
Areas of specialization: Health and Health Care, Families, Research Methods, Women’s Studies, Migration and Diaspora Studies

Claudine Bonner
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Areas of specialization: African Diaspora Studies, Community History, Critical Race Theory, Education, Equity and Social Justice

James J. Brittain
Areas of specialization:  Class (Consciousness), Disposable Populations, Escape, Political Economy, Social Theory

Rebecca (Becky) Casey
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization:  Aging, Disability, Work and Employment, Sociology of Health and Illness, Research Methods, Social Inequality, Public Policy

Heather A. Dahringer
Areas of specialization:  Addiction Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Rape and Sexual Assault in Canada, Qualitative Methodologies, Research Ethics and the Internet

Lesley Frank (sabbatical until June 30, 2019)
Associate Professor
Areas of specialization:  Sociology of Food, Family Poverty, Sociology of Health, Research Methods,Public Policy

Anthony Gracey
Assistant Professor

Ryan Higgitt
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization:  Science and Technology, Critical Theory, Health, Inequality, Development

Sarah Rudrum
Associate Professor
Areas of Specialization: S
ociology of Health and Illness, Gender and Health, Sociology of Family, Gender and Sexuality, Global Issues, and Qualitative Research Methodology

Part-time faculty 2018-19

Malory Beazley     SOCI 2533X2

Kayla McCarney     SOCI 2323X2

Jeffrey Sachs         SOCI 1113X2

Tony Thomson, Professor Emeritus     SOCI 3013X1

Inna Viriasova        SOCI 2103X2

Adjunct Faculty

Jeanette Auger

Ann Marie Powers

Tony Thomson