Our Faculty

Stephen Henderson
Associate Professor and Acting Head

Claudine Bonner (sabbatical until June 30, 2020)
Associate Professor
Areas of specialization: 
African Diaspora Studies, Community History, Critical Race Theory, Education, Equity and Social Justice

James J. Brittain
Areas of specialization:  
Class (Consciousness), Disposable Populations, Escape, Political Economy, Social Theory

Jesse Carlson
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization:
Sociological Theory; Cultural Sociology; Morality; Friendship

Rebecca (Becky) Casey
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization:  
Aging, Disability, Work and Employment, Sociology of Health and Illness, Research Methods, Social Inequality, Public Policy

Heather A. Dahringer
Areas of specialization:  
Addiction Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Rape and Sexual Assault in Canada, Qualitative Methodologies, Research Ethics and the Internet

Lesley Frank
Associate Professor
Areas of specialization:  
Sociology of Food, Family Poverty, Sociology of Health, Research Methods,Public Policy

Azar Masoumi
Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization:
Critical Race Theory, Anti-racist Feminism, Gender and Queer Studies, and Migration and Refugee Systems

Elisabeth Rondinelli
Areas of specialization: 
Cultural Sociology, Gender and Sexuality, Education, Cross-cultural Interactions, Ethnography, Digital Sociology, Qualitative Research Methods

Sarah Rudrum
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Areas of specialization: 
Sociology of Health and Illness, Gender and Health, Sociology of Family, Gender and Sexuality, Global Issues, and Qualitative Research Methodology

Part-time faculty 2019-20


Adjunct Faculty

Zelda Abramson

Jeanette Auger

Dianne Looker

Ann Marie Powers

Tony Thomson