BA Sociology @ Acadia University

The Department of Sociology presents students with a challenging and critical understanding of the contemporary world. We emphasize a commitment to public sociology and transformative practices, and students are offered an opportunity to develop their conceptual and analytical skills in order to prepare for further studies and professional opportunities. We offer a rigorous theory and methods programme which links classroom teachings to community engagement. Students are encouraged to “Commit Sociology” at Acadia, which are public discussions mostly facilitated by students on issues that matter to our individual and collective lives.

Our programme is defined by three broad themes: knowledge and power, social justice, and the Sociology of everyday life. Our courses focus on the ways that our position in society (our race, class, gender, sexuality, and geographical location) affect the way we understand and participate in the social world. Sociology at Acadia University is recognized nationally for offering critical studies in: race and ethnic relations, social justice, food, health, gender and sexuality, research methodology and ethics, social theory, development, labour and migration, political economy, criminology and culture. Our faculty research and teach in these areas. We are proud of their scholarly achievements and their contributions to leading public debates. 

We offer courses for credit not only in the field of Sociology, but also for credit in the multidisciplinary minors. 

For your major requirements related to a specific programme in Sociology, please choose from the programmes below:

Bachelor of Arts with Major in Sociology

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with 2nd Major

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology with 2nd Major


A full listing of all undergraduate sociology courses, including course codes, descriptions, and prerequisites may also be obtained from the University Calendar.