BA Honours Sociology @ Acadia

The Honours Sociology programme allows students to specialize in sociology and provides more thorough preparation for further study in sociology. The programme entails requirements which are additional to those required to major in sociology and, in particular, the writing of an Honours Thesis.

The regulations concerning the writing of an Honours Thesis can be found at the following link: University Regulations for Honours Theses.

Information on entering the B.A. (Honours) programme in sociology may be found by referring to the Acadia University Academic Calendars that summarize the Requirements for Entering the Honours Programme. [Admission to the honours program in Sociology is normally open only to students with a minimum program GPA of 3.25, and at least a minimum grade of B- in all Sociology credits. Admission also requires permission of the Department and agreement of a faculty member in the department to supervise the thesis.]

Details about the requirements for an Honours degree in sociology, including information on the writing of the thesis, can be found on-line in the Honours Handbook.

Honours Funding details are available on the Research & Graduate Studies website.

Each year our Honours Students celebrate their research at the Department of Sociology Honours Presentation Event.