WELCOME to the Department of Sociology

Sociology at Acadia provides a critical scholarly analysis of how we understand and experience our social world. There are three broad themes that define our programme: knowledge and power, social justice, and the Sociology of everyday life. We emphasize a commitment to public Sociology and transformative practices. The department's concern is with the kind of educational experience which will enable continued analysis and understanding of social phenomena beyond the immediacy of the university experience. Our renowned Research Methods programme offers students opportunities to research a diverse range of social issues thus connecting classroom learning and community engagement. Our graduates are thus equipped with the necessary skills to actively participate in a complex social world.

We have a strong honours programme, and a small but solid graduate programme. Graduate and honours students often work as teaching assistants in lower level courses and, less formally, mentor undergraduates who are adjusting to university life. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the Department.


With smaller classes, particularly at the senior levels, students work closely with individual faculty. Faculty members mentor students to develop their learning and research interests and help students plan their future education and career goals.

A degree in Sociology helps prepare students for a range of possible careers including: academics, law, policy, government, teaching, research, social services and social work, health care, criminology and various types of community work.

Students wishing to transfer to the sociology major must have a grade point average of 2.0.

If you have any questions about our programme or about sociology in general we invite you to contact the Acting Head of Department Dr. Liam Swiss.