James J. Brittain

J Brittain photo


Office: BAC 305
Phone: (902) 585-1292
Email: james.brittain@acadiau.ca

Student Hours (Fall 2021)


BA Honours (New Brunswick-Saint John), MA (Acadia), PhD (New Brunswick)

Research/Teaching Interests

  • Class (Consciousness)
  • Disposable Populations
  • Escape
  • Political Economy
  • Social Theory
  • Sport

On Sabbatical July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Teaching (2021-22)

Fall 2021
SOCI 2533A1  Popular Culture and the Media
SOCI 3503A1 Power Games: Critical Analysis of Sport

Winter 2022
SOCI 2103A2 Intro Classical Social Theory
SOCI 3093A2 Modern Social Thought
SOCI 5113A2 Graduate Sociological Theory

Selected Publications

2017. Mapping Geographies of Violence with Heather A. Kitchin Dahringer (Eds.). Halifax: Fernwood Publishers.  

2010. Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia: The origin and direction of the FARC-EP. London: Pluto Press.  

Journal Articles
2020. “Calling (Intellectual) Bullshit On Inequality’s Perversion of Alienation,” Socialist Studies 14(1):1-12.

2017. “Reading the (Identity Politics) Market: Articulating the forest past the trees post-Trump,” Capital & Class 41(3): 411-422.

2017. “Violence Beyond the Proximal Subjective: Theorizing an addendum of distal causality,” International Journal of Žižek Studies 11(1): 1-19.  

2011. “Revolutionary Emancipation ‘From Below’ in Colombia, a Response to Skocpol,” Critique 39(1): 99-128.  

2010. “Contemporary Colombia: The continuity of struggle,” Labour, Capital and Society 43(2): 3-11.

2009. “Uribe’s Colombia,” Global Dialogue 10(1): 108-119.  

2008. “Agrarian Transformation and Resistance in the Colombian Countryside,” with R. James Sacouman Labour, Capital and Society 41(1): 57-83.  

2008. “Political and Economic Realities behind the ILO Report Applauding Colombian Labour Relations,” with Barb Moore, and Jim Sacouman The Spark Issue 20: 17-25.  

2007. “The Differing Revolutionary Positions of Gramsci and Trotsky in Relation to Classical Marxism, the Peasantry, and the Majority World,” Socialist Studies: The Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies 3(2): 65-92.

2007. “Formas de Desarrollo Poco Convencionales e Ilícitas: La compleja industria del narcotráfico en Colombia,” Cuadernos de Sociología Número 41: 13-68.

2007. “FENSUAGRO’s Struggle for Social Justice,” Peace Review: Journal of Social Justice 19(3): 417-426.

2007. “La Vacilante Economía Política de Uribe: Aumento de la tributación dual de clases, acuerdos bilaterales comerciales dilatados o prolongados, y la creciente inestabilidad rural,” Controversia Número 188: 247-289.

2007. “Government, NGOs and the Paramilitary: A Colombian contradiction,” Development 50(1): 122-127.

2007. “War, Evil, and the End of History. Review essay of Bernard-Henri Lévy’s book concerning the global shift toward apolitical conflict,” Rethinking Marxism 19(1): 143-146.

2006. “Human Rights and the Colombian Government: An analysis of state-based atrocities toward non-combatants,” New Politics 10(4): 124-129.

2005. “The FARC-EP in Colombia: A revolutionary exception in an age of imperialist expansion,” Monthly Review 57(4): 20-33.

2005. “A Theory of Accelerating Rural Violence: Lauchlin Currie’s role in underdeveloping Colombia,” Journal for Peasant Studies 32(2): 335-360.

Book Chapters
Forthcoming. “Atrophying Masculinity within Professional Road Cycling: Contesting ‘the male’ through a (re)scripting of the anti-male,” in Gender Politics in Sport. Győző Molnár and Rachel Bullingham (Editors). London: Routledge.

2017. “A Violent Escape: Scripting intra-class conflict and (fortifying) contemporary capitalist endurance,” in Mapping Geographies of Violence. Heather A. Kitchin Dahringer and James J. Brittain (Editors). Halifax: Fernwood Publishers. pp.76-106.  

2017. “Theorizing Violence Through an Approach Toward Power,” in Mapping Geographies of Violence. Heather A. Kitchin Dahringer and James J. Brittain (Editors). Halifax: Fernwood Publishers. pp.8-25.  

2015. “The FARC-EP and Consequential Marxism in Colombia,” in Emancipatory Politics: A critique. Stephen Feuchtwang and Alpa Shah (Editors). London: OAC Press. pp.95-132.  

2008. “La cuestión agraria y la lucha armada en Colombia,” y Igor Ampuero, Igor en Recuperando la tierra: El resurgimiento de movimientos rurales en África, Asia y América Latina. Sam Moyo y Paris Yeros (coordinadores). Buenos Aires: CLACSO. pp. 327-399.

2005. “The Agrarian Question and Armed Struggle in Colombia,” with Igor Ampuero in Reclaiming the Land: The Resurgence of Rural Movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros (Eds.). London: Zed Books. pp. 359-382.